Dads Rock Academy was started in 2013 by David Marshall and Thomas Lynch. It started as a project of the charity Dads Rock - (

The reason behind starting was to make it as easy as possible for local children and their parents to access music lessons, and instruments.

David and Thomas saw through the Dads Rock playgroups that kids love to make a noise and bang a drum, or strum a guitar. It reminded them of when their own children where finding their voice and making some noise with instruments. They also thought about their own experiences of how schools offered a narrow field of music, and had limited resources.

Both David and Thomas felt that more needed to be done to ensure that children got to play what instrument they wanted, and whatever music they wanted. It would also give mums/dads etc time with their children.

Too often as parents we take our children to groups and activities and leave them there. Dads Rock Academy gives families vital time together, time to learn a new skill, to explore new music together, and have a chance to come together at the end of the year with their friends and family and have a shared experience.

The first year of Dads Rock Academy ran from October 2013 until May 2014, and 14 students completed the course.

After the first year, David and Thomas decided to launch Dads Rock Academy as a social enterprise. It is now a separate organisation from Dads Rock and has it's own distinct board of directors.

2018/19 will be the 6th year of Dads Rock Academy!

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