The Dads Rock Academy Team

There are six directors of Dads Rock Academy:

Chris Young

Chris has been singing everything from Opera to Rock Karaoke for as long as he can remember and has always been an active member of one amateur singing company or another, currently he sings with the award winning ‘Edinburgh Police Choir’ (a mixed Police and Community choir here in the Scottish Capital).
Music is a central part of Chris’s life, favourite bands and artists over the years being Pink Floyd, Marillion and Queen through to current artists Coldplay, Hozier and Massive Attack, but will happily listen to and sing a very much wider range of music from Handels Messiah through Frank Sinatra to Broadway numbers such as ‘Who I’d Be’ from ‘Shrek the Musical’ (fab song by the way!).
Chris also brings his 17 years of business experience to the table as one of Dads Rock Academy’s Directors, and looks forward to helping the venture enable a new generation of young musicians find their passion in music, knowing how much it has and will continue to enormously enrich his life.

Daniel Middleton

Daniel is studying popular music performance at degree level as a guitarist, although he plays bass and keys on occasions as well as doing vocal lessons. He currently plays in three bands of differing styles as well as previous bands; ‘Simple as Funk’ and ‘The Bridges’.
Daniel has been surrounded in music since a young age and enjoys all styles. Favourite bands included Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Snarky Puppy and Soulive amongst many more.

David Marshall

David is married with two children under the age of six and lives in south west Edinburgh. He has always had passion for music from as far back as he can remember.
During his time at school, he tried many instruments including violin and piano but was never really keen on either. He did however fall in love with drums and guitar and all things percussion.
Since then he has been drumming in bands as well as playing the "occasional" guitar on Saturday mornings!
His daughter shares his love of music, in particular performance and she plans to attend DRA in a few years.

Raymond Keith

Now a keen ukulele and banjo ukulele player Raymond did not learn to play an instrument until a few years ago whilst stumbling across a ukulele jamming session in London.
Raymond taught himself to play the ukulele through youtube videos and enjoys playing a variety of songs to his three year old daughter. He enjoys all genres of music, old and new including Michael Jackson, George Formby, Ocean Colour Scene, The Beautiful South, Sam Cooke, Jim Croce, Bruce Springsteen, Ed Shereen and Passenger to name a few.
Raymond got his love of music from his Mum and Dad who always had music playing in the house when he and his brother were growing up. This is something he hopes to pass on to his own daughter over the years

Ryan Cairney

An experienced young drummer currently studying his degree in music performance at Edinburgh college. Specialised styles include Funk, Latin, Afro-Cuban, Jazz, Blues, and of course: rock! Having performed multiple times around the country with various projects and bands, Ryan is extremely motivated and passionate about music, especially the drums!
Since his involvement with the creation of Dads Rock Academy, Ryan aims to provide a fun and educational environment for the students.

Thomas Lynch

A life-long music fan, favourite bands include: Foo Fighters, Biffy Clyro, Muse, Royal Blood and The Killers. Thomas is married with one son, who hopefully will attend Dads Rock Academy in a few years. Thomas learnt the violin at primary school, tried to learn the piano, and now is learning guitar. Music has always been around in his life, and many of his early memories include the music of the time.