What We Stand For

Truth, Justice, peace and Love!....well who doesn't?

Those aside every Social Enterprise must have a document of their guiding principles, and these are ours.

  1. Encourage and promote a passion for music within the community.
  2. Strengthening the bond between parents and their children through the medium of music.
  3. Work with local music businesses to improve accessibility to music and musical instruments.

Hopefully that's quite clear. We want children and families to enjoy music, we want them to have strong relationships, and to value music as an industry as much as a fantastic way to express yourself.

We want to work with Schools, and other organisations to help kids and make music as accessible as possible, for as many families as possible. We want to continue to give our young tutors experience and grow their confidence as much as our students.

We want all of our students to have fun, to get to know new people, to challenge themselves to learn new skills. To be part of something special.

We could go into the science behind how music tuition helps in all aspects of your life and how it's great at building confidence etc,

The bottom line is that YOU WANT TO ROCK OUT! As do we, so come on jump on board!


Grant and Emma 2-2